Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun!

Some time ago (okay honestly it was 2 years ago) I bought these solid white decor letters that read, Fall, with all good intentions of creating our first fall decor.  However, as the years go and since I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to do them, my cheap $.97 find just remained packed away.  Well, I decided today after cleaning my scrap area that I did have the right papers (Olivia and Grace to be exact) to complete the project.  So, I pulled out my scraps, mixed the glue/water, and got a paint brush (I was going to try and not get my hands dirty-what was I thinking?). 

Anyway,  I begin my task and here comes Josiah and he asked mommy why do you have glue and a paint brush.  I explain I am making a decoration for thanksgiving.  He says, "mommy can I help you?"  How could I resist?  So, I tell him to come over to the chair beside me and we get to work.  He decides where to put the scraps and I man the glue.  In less than an hour we had this beautiful fun fall accent.

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