Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have become a part of this email group of ladies who are helping me prepare for the Christmas season...CHRIST OVER ALL the SEASON'S THEME-ING through the Christmas Season! So, I am a little bit behind, but still not too far to start now. During week 1 we were to "Get Organized", Begin looking out for good buys and recipes to share, and Simplify my house keeping...I am going to do digital organization for now before preparing a fun scrapbook and I begin sharing this adventure with all my readers. :) I will try and post recipes, etc. here as well when they come through my inbox. As for simplifying my house keeping...I try to keep up with picking up after the kids, but my kitchen and bathroom seem to be forgotten in the process. Today all is clean! The kids are in bed...Josiah is still talking/singing (but on his way to sleepy town). Now it is time for me to start on week 2! Prepare my Christmas card list, Get a "wishlist" from the fam, gathering leftover holiday wrap (we store ours all in one place since last year...CHECK), and get out the Christmas music (don't have much and not really sure where it is). So, if you choose join me! Leave a comment and I will post in more details each weeks challenges so you too can become prepared for the Christmas Season without waiting till the last minute!

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